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Description : Very Common now in Progressive or Electro House, check it out!

Description : HEY - HEY - HEY - HEY
Please link me to your finished works :)

Description : Robotic Glitch Drums,

Description : A dubstep drum loop like excision

Description : Simple Dubstep Drums, very crisp, very clean :)

Description : I know you guys have been waiting for a new Trancestep loop, so here it is! The Chords are:
A maj, D maj9, E maj, E maj

Description : ONE TO THREE GO! Glitch Hop Time :P

Description : Just Sample this into your mix. Robotic sorta bass

Description : Gltich Hop Loop for 100BPM, get the KOAN Sound / Glitch Mob feel to it.

Description : Excision, Datsik, Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Flux Pavillion, Xilent, All use this style growl, Download! Sample the Loop into Place with your track.

Description : Growl for Kill the Noise style builds up, made on NI Massive, I would use this before a dubstep drop

Description : Heavy Brostep Bass loop. Using some massive patches and the WOW filter. Enjoy!

Description : You guys seem to be liking the Trancey Dubstep! Here's another loop, Ill try to keep them coming. I made the trancey chord sound by simply making a trancey saw, and side chaining it to a kick drum. Then i just simply added in a few wobbles! Inspired from such artists as Seven Lions and Xilent. Enjoy! Check out my profile guys, linking to my facebook page!

Description : Electro House Bass Zedd, Porter Robinson, Peo de Ditte, Afrojack. Its and Electro house loop, that sound SICK with just a kick drum.
Its sidechained, so its already awesome as it is. Enjoy!

Description : Another Trancey style Loop, based on such artists as Seven Lions and Xilent. This style of dubstep is new, melodic, and beautiful. As I already had over 250 downloads on my last loop in a day, I thought its what you guys want! So, Ive made another one!

Description : First Loop! I hope you like it. Its a Trancey Dubstep style, inspired by such artists as Seven Lions and Xilent. This sort of style of dubstep seems to be becoming more and more popular, so I thought I would make a loop to give to you! Enjoy! Please Credit me in Songs that you publish

Loops 1 - 16 of 16