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Description : Lofi beat witth texture backgrounds

Description : let's take a trip to forest

Description : "I guess love doesn't mean anything for her"'s that kind of guitar beat

Description : nights to remember

Description : Realistic Old Lofi Piano

Description : I bass boost the 808 so it came to a whole new dimension. And I DON'T CARE if people say: Bruuuh....turn down the bass man. Because....that's the point of this one. XD

Description : Extreme lofi foley beat :)

Description : There is no ice cream...go home...

Description : Where were you? I been looking for someone like you my whole life.

Description : Phelian, Azaleh, Sorrow, Sibewest and many more type beat. Perfect for Chillout and Future Garage music. This took a while to create.

Description : Don't forget to add those haunting vocals and a nice smooth bass and ambient pads and vinyl sound effect.

Description : That classic 90s trance rave music....

Description : That classic 90s trance rave music....

Description : Burial and Vacant type drums. Not the best snare added but who cares...

Description : That vintage burial type drums. Don't forget to add the vinyl noise in the background :)

Description : I was not even trying on this one haha

Description : Darkest and coldest beat....

Description : Girlfriend: Hey baby...come to the bed...we gonna cuddle and have some fun you and I.

Description : Man....I told you so....!!! Why didn't you listen.
Blame yourself man....!!!

Description : I'm sorry I didn't listen, you were saying?

Description : Merry Christmas....just enjoy your time with your family.

Description : emotional lofi piano for christmas

Description : reversed lofi pad for christmas

Description : ......................

Description : light a fire, sit comfortably, and enjoy Christmas

Loops 1 - 25 of 123
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