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Description : Recorded some realistic piano lofi stuff....

Description : Follow where my light guides you into the future...

Description : Just watched David Fincher 2011 movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and got inspired...

Description : whatever.....

Description : No credit needed. Have fun with this one!

Description : No credit needed. Have fun with this one!

Description : One more boring loop and then I'm finish watching a episode of 13 Reasons Why and then take a quick fap and then goodnight :)

Description : It's 2 in the morning....I can't sleep :/

Description : For those who making more experimental lofi vibes.

Description : All I want for Christmas is youuuuuuuuuu.....!!!!!

Description : WHERE IS THE GOD DAMN CHRISTMAS....?!???!???!?!
HURRY UP....!!!!!

Description : Sit down, have a drink, and just enjoy life. You working too hard. You need a break. Just relax...

Description : Some summer lofi stuff :)

Description : Hope someone will download this....took a while to make this one :)

Here you have that typical lofi stuff

Description : I recorded VHS tapes and added it with the piano for more lofi feeling.

Description : Merry chri....WHAT......???? IT'S STILL NOT CHRISTMAS....!!!!
OH COME ON...!!!!!

Description : Merry Chris....oh wait...!! It's not christmas yet.....DAMN IT...!!!!

Anyway, here you have some early christmas present from me....!!!

Description : I was bored....

Description : Want me do more of this? Comment below :)

Description : have a great day whoever sees this...... :)

Description : What do you think about the melody I made? :D
Would like to hear your feedback!

Description : Very heavy and sad piano I made for the people out there who feeling lost in their life.

Description : Some relaxing chords I made.

Description : This will be the last Lofi percussions for 2019.
Link in my bio if you want to support more of the beats!

Description : Comment on what you want me to sample for next percussion lofi sounds

Headphone required...! :D

Loops 1 - 25 of 113
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