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Description : Add some nice pads and haunting vocals and a nice smooth sub bass...and there you have your Future Garage track.

Description : Clean beat with simple textures and easy for the ear.

Description : Muddy beat with no foley samples!

Description : It's not halloween yet, but I'm prepared!

Description : .............

Description : I don't know if this is even close to post-dubstep but....whatever...bye :D

Description : foley patterns in the background

Description : using random sound I recorded for a percussion beat....

Description : poor loki :(

Description : Am I right guys? :D

Description : I wanna be a rockstar..!!!!
That kind of type beat lol :D

Description : Add your own 808 :)

Description : ...Those haunting burial drums.

Description : ..........

Description : Add some shards foley or other stuff on the snare.

Description : 2-step burial style

Description : Burial/vacant style

Description : ......

Description : Burial london style drums

Description : Lofi beat witth texture backgrounds

Description : let's take a trip to forest

Description : "I guess love doesn't mean anything for her"'s that kind of guitar beat

Description : nights to remember

Description : Realistic Old Lofi Piano

Description : I bass boost the 808 so it came to a whole new dimension. And I DON'T CARE if people say: Bruuuh....turn down the bass man. Because....that's the point of this one. XD

Loops 1 - 25 of 142
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