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Description : A mixture of vinyl noise, reverb stuff and other ambient fx.

Description : did someone say... serum resampling

Description : moreeee serum resampling

Description : A couple of these impacts do have a strong fundamental but I wasn't sure whether that made it worth giving them a key or not.

Description : Serum resampling

Description : delay.wav

Description : yoinkyoinkyoink

Description : Background synth stuff yaaayy

Description : Updated this so it loops fairly seamlessly. Also, don't be thrown off by the pattern - this is 90BPM! Put a beat behind it and it should make more sense.

Description : Updated for a more seamless loop.

Description : More reverby pianoy kinda stuff. Probably suitable for lofi or sum.

Description : Yes the nigh-on painful mids were intentional, don't worry. EQ them out if you're not a fan. Let me know if I need to change the tagged genre; I thought this loop was feels-inducing and mid-heavy enough to be used in da lofi.

Description : More headphone-mixed stuff - my apologies.

Description : The future bass chord loop series returns with the 13th iteration. Tried making more of a vowel-y sound for these because dubstep.

Description : Evilwave-style pan snare (sort of a pan snare, anyway).

Description : Mixed through headphones, so I apologise if the stereo field isn't covered very evenly

Description : Again, the specific key is G# dominant bebop. Then again, it might align with a more conventional key, so be sure to check.

Description : I'm not a drummer, so I apologise if this is inaccurate/physically impossible as a drum pattern. Again, please do let me know if I need to change the tagged genre.

Description : Tried something a bit different today. Also, the specific key is G# Dominant Bebop. Let me know if I need to change the tagged genre.

Description : Part two boiiis. It's tearing sub time.

Description : Another long bass loop that I've had to split in to two parts. Ripped from a track I've been messing around with, hence the gaps where there should be vocal shouts.

Description : Heyyyy I'm back :) It's been difficult to find a decent balance between personal, marketing-related and college-related stuff, but I've managed to set aside some time for uploading a few things on to here.

Description : ///HEADPHONE WARNING///
Started relearning the process of making growls in Serum. I might upload more one-shot collections soon.

Description : mmmm distortion

Description : Got lazy and left a 'gap' at the end. Fill it in for me, would you?

Loops 1 - 25 of 225
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