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Description : Phasing reverb pad.

Description : A convulsion pad. Try playing with lower pitches :)

Description : alternative version with different reverb settings

Description : dreamy transition/downlifter effect made from the reverb tail of some chords

Description : //HARSH FREQUENCIES!//
not really a bass since those frequencies are mostly cut, but shh

Description : Good for putting under basses or over a sub

Description : Clashes aaalmost in tempo but not quite...

Description : Distorted brass-ish patch with a long sustain patch.

Description : Brassy dubstep bass and a fill thingy at the end

Description : wasn't sure where to go with this so let's see what you can do with it.

Description : Obligatory "I'm back" statement that probably won't hold true for long. Dubstep producers, do your thing.

Description : A mixture of vinyl noise, reverb stuff and other ambient fx.

Description : did someone say... serum resampling

Description : moreeee serum resampling

Description : A couple of these impacts do have a strong fundamental but I wasn't sure whether that made it worth giving them a key or not.

Description : Serum resampling

Description : delay.wav

Description : yoinkyoinkyoink

Description : Background synth stuff yaaayy

Description : Updated this so it loops fairly seamlessly. Also, don't be thrown off by the pattern - this is 90BPM! Put a beat behind it and it should make more sense.

Description : Updated for a more seamless loop.

Description : More reverby pianoy kinda stuff. Probably suitable for lofi or sum.

Description : Yes the nigh-on painful mids were intentional, don't worry. EQ them out if you're not a fan. Let me know if I need to change the tagged genre; I thought this loop was feels-inducing and mid-heavy enough to be used in da lofi.

Description : More headphone-mixed stuff - my apologies.

Description : The future bass chord loop series returns with the 13th iteration. Tried making more of a vowel-y sound for these because dubstep.

Loops 1 - 25 of 236
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