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Description : Very random(ised). Still fits to F# though.

Description : Not gonna lie, literally anyone could make this, but whatever.

Description : I definitely overuse Serum's Reese wavetable...

Description : X sounded cooler than 10. Yep, that's all there is to it.

Description : Quite simple, but also (hopefully) still usable.

Description : Big up GhostHack for one of the wavetables

Description : More noise osc stuff (also e piano)

Description : Not that soft, so that's the title redundant.

Description : Stacks in Logic are convenient.

Description : Logic's actually kinda fun to use

Description : Yeah this one's probably a bit more obvious in its 'drawn-ness'

Description : This isn't a live piano, if you couldn't tell. If there was an uncanny valley in music, this would likely be in it lol. Also, sorry that I had to cut the sample off - Looperman wouldn't have recognised it as 140 BPM otherwise.

Description : Yeah, I have no clue how to make leads

Description : tension time

Description : These future bass chord loops are really racking up in numbers. I only recently learned how to even count this high. Scary stuff...

Description : wubbb

Description : If you're using this in an arp, you might want to crossfade the tail so the delay doesn't muddy the sound. It might sound fine, but it's just a thought.

Description : Barely a Reese at this point but shup up

Description : Crawly boi

Description : lol what is this, an early 2000s pop song?

Description : No, the piano isn't shiny.
It's nOsTaLgiC.

Description : do da shift
do it good

Description : oh no my chords broke

Description : stwings owo
end me

Description : Apologies for how 'meh' this is

Loops 1 - 25 of 100
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