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Description : Someone asked me for my fast guitar riff without the "background sounds" and I'm assuming that the background sound was the distorted bass guitar, so here it is, without the bass.

Description : I was playing around with a different style of drums, and I got this.

Description : I finally got some decent drum sounds out of Addictive Drums. I haven't used the ride much in the past, so this was a new experience for me :)

Description : This is a pretty sweet guitar riff that I made in Modplug Tracker with the Axeslash guitar pack. Enjoy!

Description : Heh heh, I broke out the ol' Beatcraft samples and made a quick beat. It's pretty fast. ;D

Description : Pretty much a generic metal drum loop with a little bit of off-time stuff. Made with Addictive Drums in Fruity Loops 7.

Description : I just got Addictive Drums, and I started playing around with the sounds I could get from it, and I made this loop.

Description : This is a loop I made in Beatcraft using some samples I found in this other drum loop. Pretty cool.

Loops 1 - 8 of 8