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Description : haven't uploaded in awhile. thought i'd share this part from my most recent project.

Description : i was messing around with this ambient pad instrument and found this completely by accident.

Description : was using this in a recent project and thought i'd share

Description : thought this would do some good; enjoy :)

Description : thought this sounded dope

Description : was really feelin like listening to some old school usher earlier today and thought i'd throw this piece together

Description : made these incredibly boomy drums earlier today and thought they'd fit here

Description : for those of you who love r&b, this is for you. stop scrolling and download cuz this'll be a hell of a joyride my dudes

Description : ideally this genre is flat-out boring and depressing, so i thought i'd spice it up a lil and see what it do.

Description : made this for an earlier project of him about a month ago. thought i'd share the main pad line since it sounds dope

Description : sometimes i contemplate death. and sometimes i contemplate this loop. either way, enjoy.

Description : hey stop scrolling and use this it's really good

Description : made this bit as a part of an upcoming project im working on, just thought i'd put it out there since i know others doing vaporwave could benefit from it. :)

Loops 1 - 13 of 13
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