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Description : Pitch shifting, Slowing down, Legato and Distortion... what more do you want?

Description : another beat really...

Description : A beat I made for my upcoming track, Im a shitty white boi from the UK...


Description : GRIME! The notorious genre known in the U.K. lots of energy, pure filth most of the time, for those of you who don't know grime, its basically minimalistic dubstep with some English dude spitting flames.
I made this for a well known battle rapper from Don't Flop (DFAFD)

Description : Literally made this 5 minutes ago, I didn't have anything to give you all so heres a quick beat fam

Description : Accidentally made it lol, feel free to use as you wish

Description : 3 synths mashed up together with various effects like delay, reverb bass enhancer and stuff like that, be pretty good for an instrumental lead if you were rapping about death or summin

Description : Some weird guitar sound that I just happened to make, also stretched out the original sound and put a gate on it to give an under layer of ambience

Description : Final dark chord loop, piano chords with melody for gap filling and eerie female vocal harmonies to emphasise the sinister feel

Description : Same chords as the ones I uploaded before but with a few more notes to fill the gaps and make it a little more fluent

Description : Some dark chords I did for one of my tracks last year

Description : Just another HipHop beat I did for an instrumental I haven't uploaded, feel free to use it, I really like the kick roll at the end of the loop

Description : I personally love my Oriental instruments, and this is the perfect loop if you want to spit some pure fire

Description : Same as the first Piano loop I uploaded but I added another set of chords an octave higher and slightly delayed, be good for a chorus or something

Description : Some chords I did for a track aggggeessss ago, nice summery vibe for a hiphop track

Description : This is a pretty sinister lead, this would go perfect for some dark vocals, especially for a single 32 bar verse of pure flame.

Description : From the same track as the chilled hiphop pad, this is the baseline I used, which is some filthy dubstep bass line with the high frequencies removed via EQ along with the low frequencies and layered with a sine bass.

Description : Nice and chilled, could either be dark or chilled I don't know, if anything, its quite a nice, easy pad to listen too, would go well with some pitch shifted vocals

Description : Another beat I did a while back for one of my tracks, quite a slow paced chilled out beat, goes quite well with ambient pads

Description : yet again, from the same track I did the Lagato 808 beat, this is just soaked in reverb and good for basic looped instrumentals for rappers to tear it up! yet again, gimme credit where it's due would be great ;)

Description : ($uicideBoy$ style 808 drum loop)
So, I made this for a remix I did for Reno Jr's 911 track. I've also noticed that they're aren't many 808 drum beats that have the legato (pitch bending) effect on their 808s which is what I construct often. Feel free to use it but some credit would be nice!

Loops 1 - 21 of 21
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