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Description : 4 bar loop

Description : An eight bar loop in the key of F Major at 91bpm, using a Keys preset from Omnisphere. Seems like it would go well with some boom bap drums to create a lofi/chill-hiphop vibe

Description : Just a simple melody, 8 bars long. Just uses the Classic Nylon Strings preset in Omnisphere. Can be used for any hip-hop sub-genre. Pitching the sample up or down can make it sound "better". The key is in A-Lydian, there was no option for Lydian so I put Major since most of the notes used are in the key/scale of A

Description : 8 Bar loop of a Rhodes chord. prog. in D# Minor

Drop a link if you make anything with it

Description : 8 bar loop with a Tape-Stop effect. E Minor Melodic

Drop a link of what you make with it, Id love to hear it

Description : E Minor, Is a chord progression with a simple melody

Link what you make in the comments below, Id love to check it out

Description : 8 bar loop in E Minor. Made from an Omnisphere with a preset from Keyscape. Put some effects on it to made it sound more dated. If you play with the pitch you can create some different vibes from this sample.

Drop a link if you make anything with this, Id love to hear it

Description : 8 bar loop. Used with an instance of Shredage Jupiter on Kontakt. Sounds cool if pitched up or down, so try that out if you wanna get a different sound from this loop. Could be used for a variety of Hip-Hop sub-genres

Description : 8 bar loop. It is in the key of C Minor Pentatonic.

Description : Key is F# Lydian. A 8 bar chord prog using a Rhodes Piano instance in Omnisphere

Description : Lo-Fi stlyed sample. Used a Kontakt instance to make this chord progression. 8 Bar Loop.

If you make anything with this, feel free to leave a link to it in the comments

Description : Just an omnisphere instance of a rhodes piano with some vinyl & degrading effects. 4 Bar Loop

Description : Just some sample I made that I thought was cool. Could be used for some J-Cole/JID type stuff

Loops 1 - 13 of 13
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