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Description : pad/sample loop

Description : sounds like a sample i guess

Description : Fruity slicer on a bell loop and fx
i/vii/i/vi iv

Description : Pitched from Em to Fm
F, A#, D#.

Description : Guitar pitched with some effects
root notes are A and E

Description : Made this with omnisphere, the loop is in G sharp minor i think.

Description : amp, Guitar with delay, half time, lowered sample rate and a bunch of other effects.
send me some links to ur beats and ill listen

Description : Made with spitfire labs

Description : bangs.

Description : Link some beats :)

Description : pitch shifted

Description : Downloaded Labs today and made this, good plugin. Made it sound like a sample, pretty happy with it.
link me some shit, i wanna hear it.

Description : dark and shit

Description : b minor harmonic
could work with travis scott, metro boomin, wheezy, 21 savage beats.

Description : A minor i think, link me some shit.

Description : link some beats

Description : Some drums i made for a beat, sound good imo.

Description : Loop is pitch shifted to bminor
sounds good with a moog bass if u wanna try it.
link me your beats.

Description : made this a while ago so dont remember the key sadly.
Link me some fire.

Description : Good for a hard beat. Get some hard 808s and some nice drums and this will be a banger beat.
Works well for lil pump and smokepurrp beats.

Description : Made it myself with omnisphere and a lot of mixing. Sounds pretty old and dusty, something to use for a 21 savage type beat or something.
Notes for bass in order: G,C,D,F,G,C,D,C.
send me what you make:)

Description : G# minor key, guitar with chorus and reverb.
link me your beats :)

Description : woo on a bitch

Description : add some hard drums and this shit will bang, works well with filters too, so it doesnt get too repetitive.
send me what you make, would love to listen.

Description : Drums that fit with my previous upload, check it out or build a melody to this :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 37