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Description : Im back bois, just made this loop send me what you make.

Root notes are C, D, C, D#, tune your bass and make it follow these notes and your garanteed a banger.

Description : my final beat kinda sounded like pissy pamper type shit but idk

follow me on soundcloud for midi

send me what you make.

Description : Feel like this would fit in well on so much fun with some bouncy drums and 808s

Send me your beats and tune your god damned 808s.

Description : 3 parts (melody, melody with reverse, reverse)
post beats below:)

Description : Getting kanye and chance vibes here, show me what you can do.

Description : Made this awesome loop i taught i could share with you guys. EQ out the low end if you want to remove the bass.

Link to my beat on my profile.

Send me your beats:)

Description : Some cool and simple drums from a lo-fi beat i scratched.

Hmu if you use them :)

Description : Tried making a aries type beat after listening to his album. This is what i came up with for the chords :)

Send me what you make!

Description : A nice retro loop i made with my new omnisphere bank.

C major

send me what you make :)

Description : This guitar loop has been through 4 layers of fruity slicer so i guess im a next level producer bois.

Description : F# melodical minor

Check my profile if you wanna listen to what i made.

Send me what you make!

Description : C major

Check my profile for the beat i made.

Send me what you make :)

Description : Didn't know how to make a beat out of this so i'm giving it away. Please link me what you make :)

Rootnotes: A, E, F, D , E.

Loops 1 - 13 of 13
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