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Description : well, in my opinion at least

Description : sounds from flex yo

Description : blap and a plap and a blap and a plap

Description : random shtuff

Description : 808 on 2nd half

Description : using for some sort of electronic type thing

Description : whatamidoingwithmylife(2)

Description : half and half for yall to cut and use as ya want

Description : believe shes in da key of c minor

Description : issa lead thingy

Description : issa bass

Description : some hitz

Description : flex a cool vst

Description : simple kick snare ye

Description : yeeee

Description : typical

Description : omnisphere ftw, goes with that last drum loop

Description : blehh

Description : i have no idea what im doing with my life lol

Description : iss just rude

Description : ezdrummer 2 is fun yall

Description : playin wit these samplez

Description : dadada

Description : derpp

Description : drums from some old ish

Loops 1 - 25 of 84
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