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Description : ehhehhhhhhuheghhhhhh something rushed sorry :/

Description : hmmmm

Description : Sounds like a car,

Description : Verrryyyy Generriicccc, if you want the preset comment asking for it and I'll give it straight away after I reply

Description : I'm going to start posting riddim here every day because why not, I accidently made riddim instead of future bass so it was 130 bpm but for the sake of it I had to up it to 140

Description : made this with a riddim preset on serum and fx with portal

Description : for the hardcore people lol

Description : I never know how to name these things

Description : hehehaHAH

Description : EVERYTHING IS SINEEEEE AND IT HURTS, you can sort the high end out yourself because it's hard to do it without ruining the whistle

Description : messing with serum lol

Description : I'm sorry I suck at tearout, I'd say it's F

Description : Wait I never knew that there wasn't a category for future bass

Description : I decided to make some basic riddim, I believe it is in F as I put the notes on the piano roll on F so

Description : Tried to make something with my audio effect chain for tape loop and I made a great lofi sound

Description : this is a really old remix and I wanted to share it

Description : without the think break sample between parts

Description : I was trying to make a bass house drop but I sped it up to 140 and now it sounds like a dubstep drop

Description : eeeeee

Description : a bunch of Dopplegamma's loops into one weird fusion

Description : eeeeew

Description : lower high end if it hurts

Description : ouchie wouchie

Description : don't listen to this through your headphones, I don't even know how I could use this, so y'all try to make something with it. cut off high end if it's a little too ear hurting

Description : eeeeee

Loops 1 - 25 of 96
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