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Description : Happy im done finals so here's some bumpin metro boomin , murda beatz , migos soundin trap drums

Description : Intro to a track i'm working on. Some chill metro boomin, lil mosey, 6 dogs type shii

Description : usable across many genres

Description : From a song i scrapped

Description : I already know y'all gonna make some monster beats out of this

Description : Creepy de tuned piano loop that I have no idea what to turn into, whoever can turn it into a banger wins a free pie

Description : Inspired by a loop from OhSecrets, shit goes hard man. Show me what you make with it in the comments! Key is B major

Description : Couldn't find anything to use em for so enjoy!

Description : Sum drums that THUMP

Description : Made this cuz i don't wanna be studying for finals lol enjoy

Description : Re-uploaded and fixed it cuz the first one was badly made. Enjoy hard mustard bass at its finest. Key is b flat minor and bpm is 85.5

Description : A dark, spacey, lean-induced melody for y'all

Description : Dis loop slaps, but I know y'all can make somethin with it that SLAPS slaps

Description : Sum more morphine chords from a track i'm workin on. Key is B major

Description : Just a happy lil morphine pad loop for yall

Description : Remade the main chords from Metro Boomin's space cadet with Autogun. Key is F minor

Description : Sum more Pi'erre drums for ya

Description : A simple, weird percussion loop from a heartbeat. Make some heat with it

Description : Use however you like

Description : Eerie, menacing effect. Like something used in action/horror movie trailers.

Description : Kodak/Pie'rre Bourne type drums, would work great with a happy melody.

Description : This is my first loop, hope you enjoy! Show me what you made in the comments

Loops 1 - 22 of 22
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