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Description : Bell Melody With Bassline

Description : A# Phrygian or D# Minor

Description : Vintage Cubeatz Type Loop

Description : Written in B Phrygian but E Minor also works

Description : Pop Smoke x Bizzy Banks x 22Gz x Fivio Foreign Type Sample

Description : Dark Bell Melody

Description : Dark Piano Melody

Description : Made with omnisphere

Description : Nexus Bells

Description : Made With Omnisphere

Description : G Harmonic Minor

Perfect For CuBeatz, Murda Beatz, Southside Type Beat

Description : CuBeatz type of sample

A# Phrygian

Description : Made with a simple Nexus Piano and Izotope vinyl for the detuned effect

Key: B Phrygian

Description : Do people even download drum loops?

Description : Made With Omnisphere

Key: E# Phrygian

Description : Made with the "Ambient Space Piano" in Omnisphere and a Half Speed with a 1 beat gate added to it in Gross Beat
Perfect for a Future/ 808 Mafia Type Beat

Description : Fast Pace Blueface/ YG/ Nipsey Hustle Type Bass Synth

Key: C# Phrygian

Description : Made with an Omnisphere guitar and Effectrix

Key: A# Phrygian

Description : Made with a Nexus Violin and Halftime

Description : Made With The Vibraphone Preset In Purity + Gross Beat Effect

A Phrygian

Description : Made with the glory piano preset in purity and the half speed/ sidechain effect in Gross Beat

In Key C Phrygian

Description : Made With the "Vibra Handbell" preset in Purity

In Key G Phrygian

Description : Made with Xpand!2

Description : Made with purity and gross beat

Description : Made With Purity And Gross Beat
F# Phrygian

Send me what you guys made

Loops 1 - 25 of 32