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Description : FM8 and Serum

Description : Something I made in Serum

Description : Screech Bass Loop

Description : Added some vocalizations to an acoustic guitar. Sounds pretty cool.

Description : Happier Vibe :) Could be big.

Description : I was inspired by jurassic world to create dinosaur growls! This is a sample from my new song "Jurassic"

Description : Something I came up with tonight.

Description : Just a quick bass.

Description : Tried to make it sound like Jamaican style vocalizations. But it's just bass D: Made in probably 5 minutes. Leave requests! Working on a sample pack.

If you use this, let me hear it!

Description : I know a lot about sound design lol.

Description : Something quick.

Description : Just an Idea I had.

Description : Drum and Bass-y

Description : Drum and Bass-y

Description : From my new song "Alpha Male"

Description : Tried to enunciate the vowels a little bit. Not too much. Leave a link if you use this!

Description : A little bit of Serum and Formant mutation. Really wanted the vowels to stand out. Pretty standard. Chop it up and Use it. Leave a link so I can hear!

Description : Previous dub style bass without drums.

Description : Just a loop of some Growls and sound design I created with on FM8.

Loops 1 - 19 of 19
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