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Description : Stereo enhanced Hard lead

Description : After a long time of nothing. Here. Something.

Description : A short drum loop for hiphop/pop tracks on 110bpm.

Description : A drum beat useable for different kinds of music.

Description : A blues rhythm with just a single chord

Description : A very short funk loop on 100bpm in g

Description : Blues loop on 80 bpm in Am

Description : Trance loop for party songs 180bpm

Description : 180bpm soft sounds mixed with high treble sounds

Description : A simple drum/synth/pluck like loop on 140bpm in harmonic c

Description : A short tabbed loop on 100bpm. I`m not pretty sure if it's on a.

Description : Loop played with strat on drop b with 160bpm. I would recommend to put a heavy gain on this and a slight chorus, sounds really badass. Useable for rapbeats, metal, rock, as a bass etc.
Just play around with it, this loop should have many possibilities for usage. I tried to keep it as clean as possible, so you can choose the effects for yourself. Have fun!

Description : For the progressive guys in here, a loop on 80bpm as a 13/16 beat.

Description : Imagine a walk through small walls on mossy cobblestone at a rainy day. At least that's what comes to my mind when hearing this loop. Pay attention to the accents.
Picked guitar on 120bpm on A. Have fun with it.

Description : A dreamy picking with clean sound + some effects on 120bpm Dm-A#-F-C

Description : A short and simple drum beat with 120bpm

Description : Short picked guitar loop with small delay in 120bpm.

Description : See Metal Guitar loop A 160bpm + third

Description : Metal guitar with high distortion an metal eq on 160bpm in the key A.

Description : A slow strummed e-guitar with clean sound
80bpm A-C-Em-D

Loops 1 - 20 of 20
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