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Description : Haven't posted in a while, uni work getting the better of me. Hope everyone good and steady grinding.
Found this old ass loop so thought i'd upload it,
Just used a basic purity preset, tried to make it sound as plugg as possible.
Show me what you made im interested.

Description : found this guitar loop i made a while back and thought i'd put it up here.
Interested to see what people do with it so comment what you made ill check it out.

Description : was looking through my old beats and found this gem, so thought i'd put it here to see what you guys do with this.
Just used a preset on keyscape for the rhodes.
Put it in triplet mode on grossbeat you wont be dissapointed.

Description : Tryna make some rnb melodies, particularly like summer walker, her production is crazy.
Used ample guitar and fruity chorus.
Show me what you made im interested to hear.

Description : Haven't uploaded in a while so made this piano loop which i like a lot.
Used keyscape and izotope vinyl to bring it to life.
Show me what you made I'm interested to hear.

Description : been using alpha free, which is some old vst that has some pretty good presets to use.
Not much for the effects just some eq and a bit of reverb.
Send me what you made with this so I can show some love.

Description : Really been fkin with the rhodes recently. made a cheeky little melody.
Send me what you made Im interested to hear what you make.

Description : tried to make a melody like Chixtape which was mainly produced by Play Picasso.
Used Fruity love philter and eq as well as fruity slicer to give it that muffled feel
Comment what you made im really interested to see what people make out of this

Description : finally got keyscape and is definitely worth the price, the sounds are too good.
Used gross beat to make the melody into triplets to give it that bouncy feel to it.
Please send me what you make im interested to hear.

Description : this is without the flute part, which sounded a bit off ngl.

Description : used sakura for the melodies. Try pitching the melody as it sounds cold in other keys.
send me what you make i'm interested to hear how it sounds.

Description : trying to het better at guitar melodies without actually bothering to learn to play the guitar.
used flanger for the effects, show me what you made with this.

Description : used sakura for the melodies
flute might be a little too loud on the high frequencies so i'd eq it a bit but its up to you.
send me what you made i'm interested to see how people flip this.

Description : been tryna make west coast type beats cuz they so simple yet so fire.

Used xpand2 for all the melodies but gross beat on one of the arps to make it wavey.

send in your beats ik the drums can be crazy on this.


Description : Used sakura for the chords then added a flanger and some reverb for the effects.

Send me what you made with this im interested to hear.


Description : tryna improve my guitar melodies. Used Hardcore for the effects which is some stock fl plugin. Actually has some decent presets i would recommend trying.

Please leave what you made would like to hear it


Description : happy christmas everyone.
Had some crazy beat block these holidays and this my first decent melody I made since finally finding motivation to make beats again.

Used ample guitar and then guitar rig for the effects.

Show me what you made with it.


Description : used guitar rig for the effects. could still use some eq-ing but wanted to leave it raw.
comment what you made with this would love to hear it.


Description : Sakura is fr one of the best vsts i've used.

Please send me what you made i like to see how people flip it.


Description : found a free preset bank on the image line forums for sakura which included this preset, go check it out, it has some nice sounds on there.

Please send in what you made


Description : This melody sounds like something GeeYou would use but id turned out more like lil peep.
please comment links to your work.


Description : heres another carti type melody i couldn't really use.
Please link any work you make wiht this as I wanna see how ppl flip it and make a track.


Description : first loop on here, comment what songs you make and any feedback is helpful.


sorry about clicking sound easily removed if u fade in the beginning, for some reason clicking was added when I uploaded the loop

Loops 1 - 23 of 23