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Description : The drum only version of the other loop since there may be more uses for the drums themselves in various electronic songs as the other was still pretty successful. Cheers.

Description : What started out as a swing beat turned into an ethnic drum groove of sorts that I thought sounded pretty nifty. So I decided to fix it up a bit and upload it here as a 6 bar loop for someone who possibly needs a little groove in their life. This was also made with Heavyocity Damage and has no EQ or added reverb. All of that is up to how you wish to use it. Cheers!

Description : A little exciting drum beat I made with Heavyocity Damage while trying to make something for a longer song. Decided to export the small bit and upload it here for someone to possibly use.

Description : A pretty intense glitch sounding bass loop to go with the adjoining drum loop made in Fl Studios with the assistance of Heavyocity Damage. It has no reverb.

Perhaps someone may have a need for some intense beat. Cheers.

Loops 1 - 4 of 4
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