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Description : Quickie, was trying to make something 'secsy'. I thought it sounded pretty cool, goes well with a travis scott type one shot bass. Can also be used in the G harmonic minor scale

Description : I made this loop trying to make an intro to a song. Turned out very interesting. It can be used for many genres, probably for intros and outros.

The key is F - MAJOR

Bassline and Root of Chords are =
D - A# - F - E

Maybe a 'Faded' kind of intro haha.

Description : So, If you didn't know, I like dark stuff. So today, I just randomly put notes down and this sounded kinda cool. Would be interested to see someone else make a beat. Would be cool if it had a dark vibe or a hard trap style to it.
From a Nexus Preset called Tapestrings
G as in Minor Harmonic

Description : So, I placed random notes down and came up with this, half timed. I just realized I had put some notes that don't really fit any scale, but still sounds neat, for maybe a heavy trap song. I used a Nexus preset called: Guitar Strummed 2.

Description : ALsO from my Interesting loop pacc 1. leLs.
Some kind of synth pad, dunno.
Again doods, G in Phrygian.

Description : From my Interesting loop pack 1. loLZ.
Some stringy thingy from some plugin i forgot,
but yeet
Same key ma doods, G in Phrygian

Description : From one of my interesting loop sounds. LuLz.
owO Here is a piano that goes with the other loops from this pack o.o
G as in Phrygian.

Description : I just put random chords and notes for the top melody, mixed feelings kinda, been told it could sound like it can be used in a few genres. No effects, recommend adding some.
Made with Keyzone Classic, lolz.
E as in: Major
Midi could be possible.

Loops 1 - 8 of 8
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