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Description : Been working on this for a while, still not done yet, but i thought i could share with you what i have so far.

Description : Something i made in the past

Description : Another nice loop for you guys.

Description : Something i made a few days ago. Enjoy

Description : Another skrillex-like drums for you.

Description : Pretty proud of this one,applied some eq,saturator,glue compressor and many other effects.Perfect for a hard drop.

Description : Sorry if it sounds messy,didn't have time to finish it.

Description : Pretty easy to make.

Description : Something i took from one of my projects.
Tell me what you think. ^-^

Description : Just messing around with a vocoder,some vocals, some base,and lots of effects.

Description : This is made by myself.Sorry for misleading.

Description : This is my first loop so i'm sorry if i got the wrong file format or something ,mister admin.

Loops 1 - 12 of 12
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