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Description : Deep.

Description : Enjoy

Description : Made this 1 year ago xD
Hmu if u need a loop w/o percs

Description : weird.

Description : It is both Pad and Keys

Description : Share your work with me
Btw I dont know is it harp or guitar

Description : you know what to do ;)
Show me what you've come up with

Description : I dont know how to use it, maybe you can make something with it

Description : Use it as you want :)

Description : Something like Ghostface killers, at least I tried xd
Leave a link for your beat that you've made with this loop

Description : The flute from sakura, Its good to use with sub bass

Description : Sounds scary
You can throw grossbeat halfspeed on it.
Lemme know what you've made

Description : let me know what you made

Loops (13)