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Description : The Slender man; a being described as tall wearing a tuxedo, anyone who meets the slender man are never to be seen again, except your ears.

Description : Mixed up bass

Description : The original sounds are a loop from user RoseErin

Just loved it so much had to mix it up a bit!

Description : A yoi bass I made into a melody to go to the bpm of 130

Description : The first half of the drop, taken from the song Moment Of Madness.. If you like my loops please like my bandpage! (its on my profile)

Description : Self explanitory really, If you like my loops please like my bandpage! (its on my profile)

Description : A gritty growl, would work perfect in intros!

Description : New keys and fillers for a breakdown within a track, with fillers inbetween the bass. - If you like my loops and work please like my facebook page (on my profile)

Description : This is a synthetic bass style I made from scratch, Props to digitalsky he used these keys, I was going to use his but didnt like the instrument style so made my own type from scratch - If you like my loops please like my FB page (on my profile)

Description : A synthy bass I made after listening to some UKF; if you like my loops please check out my page, on my profile!! I'd love to hear the stuff you guys make

Description : A simple piano melody I made when the inspiration hit me :) please check out my facebook page on my profile, best way to contact me aswell!

Description : A wobble bass I did out of the random completely, with a few lil' gaps to put some of your personal favourites in, check out my profile!!

Description : The drum loop matching the synth, check out my profile!!

Description : A synth I made for a friend who wanted this style, Suites Electric / Dubstep songs, check out my profile :)

Description : Download this because I rule, and DigitalSky sucks.

Description : An electronic style sweep I modulated down fast then quickly up, very gritty style made for Dubstep.

Description : An Electro synth lead with a echo.

Description : "Modern talking" bass backed with a square saw then put through a performer.

Description : A modulated yoi bass with 3 pitches switching up with different speeds, sounds great with a bit of reverb!

Description : A Modulated synth fading between keys high to low, I made it to match Dubstep but it could work on any electro style song. Let me know if you use it! I love to hear others work.

Description : Dancing yoi bass with other dubby fillers, with a backing sub to give it the extra 'zing.

Description : A scream backed with sub, and yoi, skream and oi bass as fillers

Description : Talking bass simulating a "Bark" with a growl bass switching up between the bars.

Description : A simple yet catchy melody I made to match a dubstep track

Loops 1 - 24 of 24
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