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Description : Omnisphere 2.6 patches customized. Fabfilter stereo imaging with an overall EQ.

Description : Great sounding Hihat... sites compression distorted it a bit but still a good loop. Put alot of velocity changes to make it interesting.

Description : Created a dark yet hype loop. However you take it, could be many things. Omnisphere made, minimal effects that way you can put your own sound to it.

Description : Threw this together to give some motivation on those HiHats. Just a few tracks, not a finished beat. If you like, download and finish it.

Description : Closed HH Trap loop to give inspiration. Nothing too crazy... Will probably make a quick beat to give an idea of where to go or you can use that as well.

Description : Grabbed few sounds from Omni 2.6, layered them, few effects and there it is. Put a touch of Fab Filter Reverb on it. 138bpm

Loops 1 - 6 of 6
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