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Description : Made using drum samples I made from scratch.

Description : I used the same rhythm as Sing About Me but made my own drum sounds for it.

Description : I remade the snare from Kendrick Lamar's "The Art Of Peer Pressure" took hours of EQ'ing, reverb automation, and distorting to get it to sound this close to the original.

Description : XXX, Ronny J, and Skimask type 808.

Description : A pretty hard 808 I couldn't fit with a melody I was making.

808 is in E Harmonic Minor

Description : just some random trap drums I did, I couldn't use them myself so I'm posting it here.

Description : Thought it sounded good

Description : Just something I made. the piano is around -15db

Description : Heavy

Description : Another Loop I made

Description : Just a loop I made

Loops 1 - 11 of 11
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