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Description : sum green tea to heat yourself up

Description : Find your way

Description : You came to the wrong pier, fool.

Description : WoOoosh.

Description : Cars passing, rain pouring. You know the drill.

Head out to this link to hear a quick beat I made with this loop :

Description : Why is everything gray?

If you have anything to ask, check my description.

Description : Enjoy the trippy trap. Check out my sis's profile
"40A" for very cool stuff!

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Description : Pale colors everywhere

Description : Oh no, the doll is missing an eye...

Description : for ya boi

Description : Wym Us

Description : Space vibes, drift into the abyss

Description : crackle crackle

Description : Oyfum

Description : Remember the old P e p s i logo? Cuz I do.

Description : What's in that book?

Description : A war for the Theremin has begun.

Description : They won.

Description : It reminds me of home, for a reason. Or an end of a war, perhaps.

Loops (19)