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Description : Made a fire beat with this one but I would love to see different ways this could be used... as an experiment of sorts. Please send what you make, checking it all out!

Description : Experimenting and exporting

Description : 2 VSTs, starts with main, then main with main counter

Description : Let's see the magic you can work

Description : Would love to see what you make! I might end up using this one as well, much love to this community!

Description : Its... a vibe. Not sure what type, that parts up to you.

First 4 - Flute, Second 4 - Flute x Pad - Last 8 - Flute x Pad x 8 Bar Rhodes Counter Melody.

Description : This is more of a framework than an all-out ready to use melody, I can imagine some old school boom bap type vibes on this!

Would love to see what you come up with!

Description : Varies between dry, then with halftime on both, then dry with halftime side-chained, then halftime on both as well as halftime chained. Pick and choose as you like!

Please feel free to link your work, I check out everything and would love to see what you create with it!

Description : Big talk, big walk ay

Description : Quick one I did on the piano, got those "No Heart" vibes

Loops 1 - 10 of 10
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