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Description : Made in Omnisphere with a lot of effects.

Description : Random hat pattern that I'm not gonna use. I also haven't posted here in a while or used FL in general. Anyway, enjoy this.

Description : Spacey pad thing I made with Massive. Lots of reverb and phasing. I believe the scale is Aeolian C Sharp. Enjoy.

Description : Some random chords I came up with. Synth is from Massive. I cant remember the key, sorry!

Description : Some lower chords with lots of reverb. Half-sped and made in Massive. Scale is Aeolian A#. Tempo is 157.5

Description : Ambient pad and keys I made in Massive. It's also half-sped and gated a little bit. Scale is Aeolian G#.

Description : Some new wave synth thing I made in Sylenth1. Dont have a use for it so here you go!

Description : Some chords and keys I came up with while messing around with Nexus. Not gonna use em so yall send me what you make! Key is F# Major.

Description : Some piano chords made in FL Studio 12 with only FL Keys and gross beat. Also they key is D-Minor. Enjoy :)

Description : Basic trap drums with my own twist on some things. Layered on top of both synths in the kit.

Description : Synthesized orchestra with a low-pass filter split into 2 parts. Email me for midi.

Description : Synthesized flute with a low-pass filter

Description : drums :)

Loops (13)