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Description : Recorded with Komplete Kontrol S49

Chopped with Fruity Slicer

Description : Enjoy

Send me linksss

Description : Huge support on my previous loops so here comes another

This one is from my latest beat "SANTA FE" (Link on my profile), and it's one of the beat drops.

Put a simplistic melody over this and you got an instant banger

I would love to see what you do with this

Description : Huge support from the previous loop so here is another;

G# minor harmonic scale

Would love to see what you do with this

Description : D# minor harmonic scale
Piano from NI kontrol
From my latest beat on my ytube
Would love to hear what you create with this

Description : C# minor harmonic scale

Link me your work

Description : Cmin

Celebrating 1k downloads on previous loop with another banger

Very emotional piano loop. if you want to hear how i used it, go to my page and find my ytube link. It's on the beat called "GAME OVER"

I would love to hear how you utilized it!

Description : I've gotten alot of support on my other loops recently, so I've decided to release one of my more premium loops :)

There are 2 parts to this loop

I used a piano from sampletank 3 to create the melody, then; eq, compression, weak phaser, weak reverb, gross beat.

High- and mid end has been sterio seperated and low end has been merged.

Enjoy this loop, link me your work and HMU if you are looking for beats or just want to talk production :)

Description : E minor
I used sampletank 3, eq, compression, vinyl detune. Piching it up 1 semitone sounds sick. Link me your work

Loops 1 - 9 of 9
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