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Description : lord forgive me for i have not uploaded a loop since who the f#ck knows. send me the beats you made with the loop. ill try to upload more. not doing calabs anymore.

Description : uploading less on hear if u need loops don't be afraid to DM me. Also send me the beats ya'll made i like hearing them.

Description : DM for exclusive loops

Description : send me your work. hmu for Exclusive loops.

Description : bored ASf send me your beats

Description : another loop for you guys. let me know what yall think. and send me the beat you made.

Description : another one...

Description : im back. send me the links to the beats yall made.

Description : well. today's my last day. i'm a be gone for two weeks so i wont be able to upload loops for a while. When i'm back ill work on more.

Description : this might be my last loop i upload for now. just a week left before i go. Ima be gone for 2 weeks, but when i get back its gunna be nothing but grinding. hope yall find this loop useful. send me the beats yall made i wanna hear them.


Description : "As your personal attorney i advise you to buy the coupe with out the top and to bring as mush cocaine as possible for the road trip"~DR.GONZO


Description : How's school going for y'all? Dat boy Mr.B made me write a 5 page research paper.(and i'm not even done). so far i got like more than 1,000 words in that bih. Anyways send me the work y'all did with this.

Description : MAZZI GWAP

Description : send me the work u did with this sample.

Description : HMU if you trying to work. send me the beats you made

Description : HMU if u use fl studio 10. Im trying to calab with others. send me the beat u made to.

Description : I been busy with a lot of school work lately but here sumthin i made. Hmu if u need any loops or stuff. Also send me the work y'all did.

Description : IF you need me, click the links in my looper man bio. DM me on IG for serious business, if you want Exlusive loops and stuff like that. Also send me the links to the work y'all did with this.

Description : There was a fight at school today. Two chicks went at it bro. One of them got a piece of there hair pulled out. I felt bad for the teacher cuz it was his first day on the job lmao. Im also failing English 3 maaan. that some bull shit. any ways send me the work y'all did.

Description : So i just got Omnesphere but every time i try to open it up it doesn't show up. It say's that it cant be found. But i can open it up on my my desktop. This sh@t makes no sense.If any one can help me i would really appreciate it.

Description : haven't been on here in a FAT minute. Made this on last night, send me the work u did with this.

Description : Send me the work y'all did with this one.

Description : Also send me the beats y'all made with this.

Loops 1 - 25 of 29