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Description : G# Minor - Find me on YouTube, Instagram and Soundcloud (LF)
Description : My head hurts (LF)
Description : In case you need (LF)
Description : A Minor (LF)
Description : Stems available - 115 Bm (LF)
Description : A Minor - for custom loops email me or find me on social media PEACE (LF)
Description : For custom loops message me on Looperman, Instagram or Soundcloud ! (LF)
Description : B Minor (LF)
Description : Call it (LF)
Description : G Minor (LF)
Description : Bongos and soccer not included C#m (LF)
Description : C Minor (LF)
Description : G Minor, contact me if you need (LF)
Description : G Minor (LF)
Description : there they are (LF)
Description : got asked for this by a few people, enjoy ! thanks for the love (LF)
Description : laptop crashed when I tried to save it, sorry folks (LF)
Description : Find my beats on YouTube (LF)
Description : check my youtube channel (LF)
Description : thanks for all the love (LF)
Description : First chord is Am but everything was written in Em, think it works best (LF)
Description : It's Milk O Mania ! C# Minor, just a simple one PEACE (LF)
Description : E Minor, check my shit on YouTube boiiii (LF)
Description : D Minor (LF)
Description : yeaaaaa here's the other bit (LF)
Loops 1 - 25 of 307
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