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Description : fast bass synth sequence put thru grossbeat

Description : Phased,distorted then glitched.

Description : Ring mod,Hi pass distortion and phased.

Description : 8 bar cutoff build

Description : Higher cut off,sustain envelopes and sidechained.

Description : Low cut off arp riff with slow attack filter envelope.

Description : Ring modulated,sidechained,distorted square synth.

Description : 3xOsc Trance type bass synth with a tiny bit of added white noise... routed thru a subtle ghost kick sidechain.

Description : Not really genre specific...3xOsc synth bass riff with mild low pass distortion.

Description : Distorted,ring modulated multi-octave sequence created in Dune

Description : sixteenth hats

Description : Isolated soft offbeat hat.

Description : Trance sidechained drum loop with a punchy kick.The wav version sounds a lot better :)

Description : Same bass line with a subtle clip distortion.

Description : Same trance bass line with a cutoff increase and decrease.Rather than rendering two seperate loops,this can be cut in half.

Description : Basic trance bassline with a retro square 5th on top.Created with Sylenth1 in FL9 pro.

Description : Same loop over 4 bars instead of 2 with a hi-pass freq drop'

Description : Heavy dance beat through a filter and slight distortion

Description : final loop without bandpass snare but added a manic wah wah rhythm for more energy.

Description : added a distorted deep basskick and lowered the bandpass fx

Description : final breakdown,just bandpass slices

Description : same loop,minus kick and hats...

Description : Redrum based with bandpassed snare which reminded me of a trashcan....hence the name:)

Description : The same loop over four bars with a bandpass frequency drop.

Description : Basic four to the floor dance with mild compression.

Loops 1 - 25 of 27
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