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Description : Took some samples meant for fx and tuned them into a drop
(Btw for the most part it is in E, but some samples are off a bit.)

Description : The dissonant texture may sound weird on its own, but it sounds lit when in a track

Description : Yaaaayyy, weird sounds...

Description : For those who like rapid wonks

Description : messing arround

Description : Eh, seems to be trending here

Description : I learned some ground breaking sound design today...
This is totally made from scratch!

Description : Weird noises yay

Description : enjoyeee

D# Minor

Description : requested by somebody, here ya go!

Description : This drop is for some dark nasty hybrid trap.

Description : MEDIC

Description : haven't posted in a while, ;_;

This ones to those hybrid trap junkies...

D minor btw

Description : A Minor

Description : Went differently this time

*not high passed*

Description : this is a weird one ik

Description : fun style, I cut out all the bass so it could be layered with an 808, just except the two growls

Description : a nice kit with my own 808

808 in E

Description : … idk...

Description : … uhhhh…

oddly enough it sounds pretty dope with hard riddim drums.

Description : straight from my wip

Description : heh...

Description : This is going into my sample pack along with similar stuff.. idk what style this is but I think it sounds pretty dope. kind of like Virtual Riot's self checkout a little.

Description : Part 2

Description : I think this sounds pretty dope

Loops 1 - 25 of 101
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