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Description : Been a min since I uploaded, so here ya go.

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Description : Be Creative with it.

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Description : Pls drop links if you do something dope with it

Description : Made using Omnisphere 2

Description : Made with Nexus

Description : 21 savage type piano; used w/ Omnisphere.

Description : Yooooo I'm back after almost a month to bring you guys some more high quality shit, I actually put time into playing and creating this melody, made with Omnisphere 2.

Description : Made with Omnisphere 2, I also re-looped it a second time where the melody changes up, so you can choose between the two.

Fits excellent with boom bap drum, I've tested it myself.

Description : Made With FPC

Description : Made with Nexus & Gross Beat on Fl Studio 12

(Update) This won't be updated, I lost the files containing the sound I used to make the beat, as well as the midi.

Description : Made this Melody using a synth in Fl Studio, then I added effects to it to make it sound dope.

Loops 1 - 12 of 12
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