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Description : electraX good plugin

Description : i regret putting the keys in there but it really do sound like some naruto or bleach lol

Description : also if you can't buy ElectraX get Alpha-Ray. It's amazing for being free. made this with it

Description : ElectraX my favorite plugin EVER. Thank you Tone2 for making this beaut

Description : idek man it's too old sounding so i got no use for it. the chords were pretty good tho. reversing it gives u some travis scott type melody lmao don't know how that works.

Description : this a lame ass beat

yeah my title, caption, AND loop game are dookie

Description : oh you fancy huh

Description : tried making a beat based off latitudes by nujabes, failed miserably because i forgot to save my project and because making stuff like nujabes is impossible/ thankfully I had a reversed version of the loop saved on my folder.

Description : literally every reversed 7th chord synth loop ever lmfao. pitching down 300 or 400 cents makes it wavier.

Description : this is like if cubeatz did more melodic trap stuff i guess

Description : this is the first time i chopped and played around with my old samples. gross beat came thru as usual.

Description : first i drop my top ay

Description : based gutta pad w/ delay and reverb. the thing in the middle of the loop sounds kinda cool but other than that it's kinda meh imo.
hmu if u wanna collab im kinda bored and link ur tracks too!

Description : S/o iZotope Vinyl. Sounds dope when you pitch it down 300 cents.

Description : experimenting with Edirol Orchestral

Description : i was tryna go for a western vibe but this came up lmao highkey trash but its pretty cute

Description : Scale is D# Harmonic Minor I think

Description : 4 bars with no 808s and other 4 with. Didn't fit with its corresponding melody. Yes, I can't program drums for my life or mix and master them.
Key is D sharp harmonic minor.

Description : I might make a beat out of this for kicks but it's just a throwaway melody I made in 5 minutes so I think it would go better here. It's a bell arp or something.

Description : Sorry for the taken down loop guys haha. I used an arpeggiator preset from a cool ElectraX bank I found. Turns out smaller notes sound a lot like bells which I had to add.

Description : Found this loop from when I tried to follow Based Gutta's Playboi Carti tutorial. I think I just layered random pads/arps and it sounds like one chord, so you should probably use Gross Beat lmao.

Description : Found this back when I was trying to make a Plug Walk Type Beat lmao. Used ElectraX. Unsure about the key.

Description : Used the free accordion VST by Safwan Matni. Applied EQ and reverb for some realism.

Description : Reversed a chord progression and put random effects on it. Lotta compression went on. Key shown was used before reversing.

Loops 1 - 24 of 24
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