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Description : made this with one shot strings.

Description : This one is so simple but just gives me fantasy RPG vibes. Really reminds me of Made in Abyss if anyone here watched that anime.

Description : From an old beat I gave to a friend, he never used it lol

Description : Part 3 of 3 loops. My favorite part tbh.

Description : Part 2 of 3 loops. Oneshot bells for this one.

Description : Part 1 of 3 loops. These really taught me how basic my melodies are lol. Sound selection carried me hard.

Description : I repitched the key and changed the bpm of the loop and overprocessed it so many times that it sounds wack, who knows though if you can find a use for this I'll be impressed. It's in a major key unsure of which one.

Description : If Honorable C-Note listened to Bollywood music before making 20 Min. And yeah, I used one saw lead for everything, there are no other presets.

Description : i think i used effector on bells to get this one don't really remember

Description : spoopy

Description : used morphine and sakura

Description : distortion with pad

Description : arp with pluck

Description : its been a while since i used a piano vst lmao

Description : kinda rnbish not really tho

Description : what the hell is a futsal shuffle

Description : electraX good plugin

Description : i regret putting the keys in there but it really do sound like some naruto or bleach lol

Description : also if you can't buy ElectraX get Alpha-Ray. It's amazing for being free. made this with it

Description : idek man it's too old sounding so i got no use for it. the chords were pretty good tho. reversing it gives u some travis scott type melody lmao don't know how that works.

Description : this a lame ass beat

yeah my title, caption, AND loop game are dookie

Description : oh you fancy huh

Description : literally every reversed 7th chord synth loop ever lmfao. pitching down 300 or 400 cents makes it wavier.

Description : this is like if cubeatz did more melodic trap stuff i guess

Description : this is the first time i chopped and played around with my old samples. gross beat came thru as usual.

Loops 1 - 25 of 32
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