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Description : I was boycotting looperman for a bit. But I decided to come back and upload some stuff. I hope you enjoy. IG profile is in my bio.

Description : I finally got omnisphere!! That means more fire loops! Click on my picture for my IG!

Description : People actually use my loops to make money. And I put in all this effort for absolutely nothing. I can't even tell people to follow my IG... thats F'd up fr fr. I help producers grow. But can't help myself grow?...

Description : Dark Dark dark

Description : 99% will fail!

Description : LOFI LOFI LOFI

Description : Playboi Carti loop.

Description : Weird loop. STOP DELETING MY LOOP!!! ITS NOT LAYERED!!!

Description : Dark bells

Description : Dark loop...

Description : Weird guitar lead. Goes with other astroworld loop.

Description : Dark guitar.

Description : Used some fl stock plug ins. Let me hear what you did with it. Bass notes are G-E-B-B

Description : Only used 3xOsc lol.

Description : Made with nexus.

Description : Used purity. Let me know if you used it.

Description : maybe someone can fix this loop.

Description : made the sound with sylenth1.

Description : Dark trap bells. used purity

Description : Used nexus, purity and than chopped it in fruity slicer! Link your projects if you use the loop

Description : You asked for it

Description : Sad flute loop. I used purity and fruity slicer.

Loops (22)