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Description : A simple chord progression from an old beat I never released. Decided to share a piece of it here. Show me what you make!

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Description : Version 3 of 3

Description : Version 2 of 3

Description : This is a very simple chord progression I played in one of my old instrumentals, 'Suffering in Silence', in the key of D minor if I remember correctly. This is version 1 of 3. Feel free to show me what you made

Description : It's from a beat I never finished but I hope you guys can. And as usual, feel free show me what you made with it.

Chords: Abmin9 - F#maj7

Description : A few weeks ago, I played this progression in one of my Instagram videos, and I thought I'd upload it here afterwards for you guys to sample. Hope you like it and feel free to show me what you made with it.

Loops 1 - 6 of 6