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Description : wombocombo1 on pretzel presets

Description : layered spinz 808 with a sub bass from heazy one shot kit

Description : Used backwards neosoul on omnispehere

Description : interested in what yall make

Description : want a better top melody email me for the midi if you're interested. Used the night blindness preset in omnisphere

Description : used cinematic piano on keyscape

Description : think I got a hemorrhoid

Description : used the studio tron strings on omnisphere
bpm 83.5

Description : the bass in the second half is from Heazy new wave one shot kit I got it from reddit

Description : use rich ballad preset on keyscape

Description : rich ballad preset on keyscape

Description : Grand piano on keyscape

Description : cool lil arp

Description : used the toy piano on keyscape.

Description : used a bell from kbeazy kit

Description : made this melody using a one shot

Description : really wanna hear some beats to it. dropping a 50 pack of melodies soon

Description : love to hear what yall make out of this

Description : Used labs soft piano for this also for an upcoming loop kit

Description : Got this synth from an old one shot kit

Description : Used Kontakt hybrid keys

Description : working on a loop kit these one of the loops on them. made this with the keyzone classic basic electric piano

Description : yamaha grand piano on keyzone

Description : Used Yamaha Grand piano from keyzone classic and a bell from the digital space electra bank

Description : reversed a some keys and a bell than halftimed it

Loops 1 - 25 of 78