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Description : Flipped a previously made melody by halftiming it and some other grossbeat.

Description : im back

Description : ngl feel like i been shooting like kcp with these last few uploads

Description : Didn't know what to do with it maybe yall can cook something up

Description : been obsessed with guitar lately

Description : used the blues guitar from omnisphere and real guitar vst

Description : made a guitar melody with a bell reversed it then used grossbeat

Description : chopped the guitar sample I uploaded earlier, pitched it down reversed it, then used gross beat. I don't even know if I like this tbh it just sounds cool

Description : Used the "Real Guitar" vst

Description : I reversed then gross beat a guitar

Description : reverse and pitch down a little for a piano sounding melody w/ a flute

Description : Keyscape grand piano on this one

Description : let me know what you make

Description : I made this awhile ago so i don't remember the exact instruments think I used a two different type of keys from a oneshot kit and and a flute that sounded like "oooooh", probs a pad in there too since it sounds so full compared to my other melodies either way i think its cool this one always been a personal fav

Description : just a synth and bells.

Description : Made with a soft piano from labs and a bell from a oneshot kit

Description : Made with a soft piano and a flute from a oneshot kit then I reversed the melody.

Description : Used flanger on some bells and turned down the dry on the guitar.

Description : Gross Beat sum bells and reversed it

Description : Layered Bells with a reversed Pad

Description : used bells

Description : Used a pad with bells than reversed it

Description : Made this after listening to EA has 3 keys in it with a flute for some ambience.

Description : Hmu for collabs check out my youtube too link in bio

Description : Hmu for collabs check out my youtube too link in bio

Loops 1 - 25 of 51
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