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Description : Akira style synth

Description : Some variations for ya

Description : INFEKT (Rewind) Type synth

Description : INFEKT (Rewind) Type synth

Description : Ayonikz inspired ting. Enjoy

Big up GEH Q ;)

Description : Meh..
Show me what you make of it.

Description : Listened to "The Gremlins - We Dem Boys"
I liked the synth pattern and made something.

Key: F/E

PM me if you want the Combi patch (Reason 5)

Description : LV - Ionic (Special) inspired dubstep/riddim synth.

[ soundcloud . com/lvdubz ]

Description : One Shot Synth

Description : Combination of the synths ive posted here.

Description : Styn-ish style

Description : Another one.

Description : And another one....

Description : Another riddim synth for you peeps

If you use Propellerhead Reason and want the Combinator Patches... shout me ;) x

Description : Just another riddim dubstep style synth made on Reason 5. Has a little triplet delay.
Send me a link of our track using my synths.
Would love to hear how you've used it.

Description : Little something made in Reason 5 using the Malstrom Granular Synthesizer, Scream Distortion, short delays, chorus and a phaser.

Loops 1 - 16 of 16
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