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Description : this one is a synth I made in an experiment that was supposed to have about the same use as a rhythm-guitare... thats why it sounds like that...
also, and this is actually needed to know: it is not in 4/4 time but instead in 7/4 time... why? well, before I made that I was listening some Jazz, thats why . . . 7/4 time; 110 bpm; c-minor; 4 bars

Description : this Bass synth actually is the Bass that accompainted the Lead I uploaded earlier... same stats: b-minor, 140 bpm, 8 bars...

Description : A synth from a Project I never finished for some reason... really like it so thought I give it away, if you use it, gimme a wink so I can hear how you used it, kay?
it is in b-minor and 8 bars long at 140 bpm, no reverb or delay so it loops right

Description : A little pad I made. Used Reason 4 to make it. It is a little distorted and screechy with much reverb and some unision, simply for I like that kind of sound.
8 bars @ 130 bpm
progression is: B-F#-A-G
hope ya can use it somehow. would be happy about a c

Description : being bored I played around with a guitar synthesizer... in the end i had this thing... could need some EQing
give a message when ya use it so I can here it in a musical context, hehe.

Description : a simple Drum Beat I made in about 5 minutes
Steady 4-to-the-floor Bass with some ghost notes, Snare and High Heads. Hope someone can use it.

Description : some more or less distorted drum loop that sounds a little like Hip-Hop to me... but distorted XD
I made that loop using Reason 4...
75 bpm, 4/4 beat, 4 bars long

drum distorted hip hop

Loops 1 - 7 of 7
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