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Description : Dm me for more

Description : sad bro

Description : bellz for trap lmao

Description : chord progression made with omnisphere

Description : share your work !

Description : so boring these days

Description : this sh*t isnt fye bro..

Description : Drill pad made with omnisphere

Description : ells loop lmao dude

Description : lmao lol lmao wtf lol

Description : Sad bro :'(

Description : i hear something wrong in my room

Description : contact me if you want some collab or loops

Description : pls hit me up if u got something which taste fye

Description : i know some sad stories bru

Description : i dont know dude dont ask me...

Description : this shet so fye man ayoooo frat

Description : ayo frat

Description : dont think this is good

Description : this is fye bro ? no ? pls

Description : made with omnishpere (this plugin so fye bro)

Description : made with omnishpere

Description : Made this s**t with electra X ! Fye ? lemme know in commments

Description : Made with electra X

Description : made this with nexus

Loops 1 - 25 of 62
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