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Description : Cinematic ambiance of a dark creepy Forrest

Description : Bells to go along with the pad

Description : Nice heavy and intense feel

Description : Another deep loop for those looking for something that's filled with soul.

Description : Inspired by the movie "Book of Eli"

Description : Epic pad with melody. Sounds post Apocolyptic

Description : Cinematic sounds of the paranormal

Description : Synth from Tsunami remade for ya!

Description : Steve Aoki style plucks

Description : Imagin Dragons "Radioactive" style loop

Description : Remake of the Bodak Yellow Melody

Description : Nice feel for heavy electronic mix

Description : Key progression is D, A, A#

Description : Nice electronic Lead/melody for any house or EDM track.

Description : Simple saw loop

Description : This is a basic starter synth that can be used for almost all electronic genres including EDM and Dubstep

Description : This reminds me of a movie scene where something is about to explode into an intense situation.

Description : ChillStep synth, Upbeat and very New Ageish

Description : Very dark sounding Flutelike pad. Sounds like your preparing for a battle or talking with your spirit guide.

Description : Reminds me of something from the movie August Rush. Something inspiring and hopefull

Description : Sounds like: Happy, ChineseISH,

Description : Part of a Chillstep song I am making. This is the main Piano in the song

Description : To me this sounds like something you would get lost to in the club while on E

Description : Very chill sounding Vibrophone. Can be used with many genres

Description : Sounds Like: Trap, DubstepISH, Being Ready
BPM: 100 Key: C

Loops 1 - 25 of 32
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