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Description : have fun 808 tune need to be measured

Description : i dont remember the key

Description : haf fun

Description : som balls

Description : do some good

Description : gee da boyy

Description : have fun guys

Description : hffff

Description : sup guys pls no type beat shit thanks

Description : hafe vun boyz

Description : hf guys

Description : i dont understand how gee808 type beats turn into tm88 x southside x pierre bourne x xxxtentacion x michael jackson type beats

Description : hf boyzz

Description : hf boyz

Description : lets go

Description : sup

works good to beats with some 808 slides n shit

Description : suppppp

Description : lol hehehe

Description : watttaappppp

Description : i dont have a name for it lol

Description : sup i was working on a beat with my last loop i uploaded, but this 2 together sound like shit so i upload this too

Description : sounds like a old radio playing a melody in a sunny holiday

Description : "You're one of the best creators on this site right now no doubt"@boiisweartogod

thank you man because of this i upload now one of my best loops

Description : supppp

link results if you want:)

Description : maybe you hear something on it

Loops 1 - 25 of 36