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Description : Sorry there's no key on this, I think it's in C Harmonic Minor, but I'm not sure because I made this a while ago. Link what you create and I'll give it a listen and a like. I love hearing what y'all make.

Description : A nice chill piano loop in C Minor. Chord progression: Cm7 Ebmaj7 Abmaj7 Ddim Bbmaj Bdim Gmaj. Link your creations please, I love to hear them!

Description : Another Wheezy type loop I hope you can enjoy. If you make anything with this, drop a link for a like and a comment!

Description : Another Travis Scott Type Loop in D# Harmonic Minor. Link yours songs and I'll give them a like and a comment!

Description : A simple, fire melody. This is actually in the A# Japanese Insen scale so beware of that for you 808s/ countermelodies. Have fun, and comment your projects for some support from myself!

Description : A simple, trap melody in D# Harmonic Minor I made on my phone in Auxy. Link your project and I'll check it out!

Description : Another Frank Dukes style melody that I hope you enjoy. This is in A# Harmonic Minor, but I recommend you try some pitch tweaking. Drop a link to your song, and I'll show some support!

Description : Another Travis Scott kinda loop in C# Harmonic Minor. I love seeing what y'all create so drop a link and I'll show you some love!

Description : I noticed there aren't really many NF loops on here, so I made one! This is in D Harmonic Minor.

Description : Just a quick, hype loop. Drop a banger and I'll show you some love.

Description : Another trappy loop in G Harmonic minor. Link your song if you use this loop, and I'll show some support.

Description : Back at you with another Frank Dukes style melody in C minor, hope you enjoy. As always, link your projects and I'll show some love!

Description : Nice little loop in D# Harmonic Minor. Left this one open so you can go crazy on the drums.

Description : I'm back with yet another Frank Dukes sort of sample this time in A Harmonic Minor. Link your creations in the comments and I'll give them a like and a comment. Have fun with this one!

Description : This just kinda gives me vibes from an old thriller movie. Send me a link if you use it; I love to hear what you all create!

Description : I'm back with another melody in the style of Frank Dukes, composed in C# Harmonic Minor. I hope you enjoy. If you do use this sample, I would appreciate if you linked your creation in the comments so I can support you!

Description : Vocals for my Frank Dukes type sample. Highly recommend downloading that sample as well.

Description : Here's another Frank Dukes type sample. Unfortunately looperman will not let me incorporate the vocals like I used to, so there will be a separate loop for that. This is in A# Harmonic Minor. Enjoy, and link your creations!

Description : This is in C# Harmonic Minor. Please link your creations so that I can hear them and show some support!

Description : This is in C# Harmonic Minor, link what you create and I hope you enjoy!

Description : Sounds great with some boom bap drums and maybe some more effects, but feel free to experiment with this one. Please link me if you use this sound so I can hear what you made, I'll give you a follow and a like. This is in C major/ A minor with an Ab for tension every other bar.

Description : Goes with the piano riff I recently uploaded. Also in c harmonic minor. I highly recommend using both samples.

Description : Another Frank Dukes style sample I hope you can enjoy. This one is in C harmonic minor and utilizes c minor, b diminished, and d diminished chords. I highly recommend you download the corresponding trumpet sample.

Description : This sounds pretty similar to No Stylist (shoutout Minor2Go). I made several sections, so you should be able to pick something you like. Please link what you create and I'll show support. This is in F natural minor. You can try changing the pitch for some different ideas.

Description : This is in C Harmonic Minor. I love making these samples, but I enjoy hearing what you create with them even more. Please share what you make, and I'll be happy to show it some love.

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Loops 1 - 25 of 39