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Description : Happy Valentines Day to all the producers!

Description : There is an entire Acapella on this Platform I made this from. It's from 5Eleven, same name.

Description : Actually not inspired by the series, but a perfect name for this loop

Description : Go crazy.

Description : Trick or clean this old tape

Description : Actual inspiration came from Harry Potter Music and from Five Nights at Freddies

Description : Pretend like I wrote something interesting here

Description : Spring is here, take a break from all the trouble that bothers you all week long and appreciate your deserved free day.

Description : Put this right before your drop.
My first FX Loop.

Description : Well, I bought Keyscape yesterday. Worth every penny like everyone said.

Description : Some emotional Piano Tunes for you.
I am alone on Valentines Day, just like every year since I was born. This Loop mirrors my loneliness.
I hope you have better luck. Please appreciate what you have, not everyone has the luck to be loved.

Description : I had no idea for a name, sorry

Description : What an amazing Sound. Use it in a Trap Beat with Vocals and enjoy the experience

Description : Mozart Requiem Lacrimosa Drill Beat Choir Normal

Description : I rewatched the movie yesterday.

Description : A delayed Happy New Year everyone, I present thee this.

Description : Another Tip from me that I don't see mentioned in YouTube Tutorials, if you think your Snare sounds off, like standing alone outside from your Beat, PUT KICKSTART ON IT. Yes you heard me right. Not much, but so much that it affects it when you have the Kick and Snare at the same time, it glues them together. Don't overdo it, or the Snare will get lost. I did it on this Beat. It fits perfectly doesn't it?

Description : For the Background of your track to create Atmosphere.
How I made it? Drag an Acapella into the empty Space in the Fruity Granulizer. In the Effects turn the Knob called "Rand" all the way up and play with the "Pan" Button on the left. Oh, and the Attack Button above. Now on the Mixer Track where it is, open Fruity Convolver and Choose "Pink Blur" from the Presets. Open it now in the Piano Roll and there you go. You can even change the Pitch to your liking.

Description : It took me quiet some time to create this Melody actually. Like 20 Minutes. I have no Keyboard in front of me when I'm producing, which makes it way harder. Please appreciate my work.

Description : Christmas Eve tomorrow? Yeah that's cool and shit, but is there a wrong time for Hard Bass? I don't think so! Put on your Adidas Suit again, don't forget Vodka and turn up the Volume until the Cat gets inhaled by the Bass!

Description : ... Or magic Woods.

Description : I found the Pan Flute in Nexus. I couldn't resist and recreated the Melody out of memory.
I hope that this will not be taken down.

Description : Messing around with the Cymatics Origin Plugin and dark Chords.

Description : I know, Guitars and Piano Loops are the most famous on this site, but I do not care about Downloads, if your Song needs good Drums!
...and I like uploading.

Description : Recreated with Omnisphere Choirs.

Loops 1 - 25 of 46