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Description : Heavy FM Growl in 8 Different Variations combined in one big loop. Each Variation has 4 hits in 1/4 notes and 2 in 1/2 notes. The first 4 hits have two down pitched, one up pitched and one no pitch note, the 2 hits have one down pitched and one no pitched. Enjoy!!!

Description : This Heavy and Distorted FM Dubstep Bass sounds like Figure!


Description : The Basic Basses of Dubstep COMBINED in ONE LOOP!

Description : I am Back! Here is another Dubstep Bass Loop for you guys, because you are AWESOME!

Description : Heavy Growl Bass made in Serum.

Bend- is Bae!!!

Description : This is a really really weird Growl Bass I did in Massive with a bunch of effects...

Description : And the second version of the chord progression. BTW I made both with Serum. It is just Awesome. I made the vibrato-like effect by modulating the Reverb Size just a little tiny bit and mixint it in slightly.

Description : This is a little chords progression I made. Hope you like it.

Description : This is a very weird Bass I accidently made with my Microkorg. It can be used for Dubstep and for Drum and Bass.

Description : Here is a Bass for you!
As you might hear, I was heavily inspired by Virtual Riots Warm Ups. Made it out of a Vocal Sample in Serum XDD

Description : This is the second Growl Riddim Bass. This time, I made another pattern, so it is not that boring in your track. I would love to here, how you used it.

Description : This is a Growly Riddim Bass, made with a weird percussive hit in Serum.

Description : A Future Bass loop, where the chords go from fast to slow. Good for an Intro.

Loops 1 - 13 of 13
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