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Description : I hope usable!

Description : Koi type loop I hope usable!

Description : 88Glam Type Loop I hope usable!

Description : Issa vibe

Description : Only uploading this because it kinda sounds cool lol

Description : Waveyyyy

Description : Unique loop I hope usable! enjoy

Description : I couldn't figure out what artist would go on this but it has a nice positive vibe to it anyways enjoy!

Description : Nice pad w/ lots of effects enjoy!

Description : This is the exact same loop I made before just unreversed! enjoy.

Description : Idek why but I like this vibe hope usable

Description : I hope usable.

Description : I might delete but maybe usable?

Description : Kept this loop very simple for all of you to be creative with it! I will be posting full acapella on my page soon.

Description : Here are the bells that go with the vocals! Please send me some sick beats or nice flow rnb tracks :)

Description : Two parts for this loop! 1/2 vocals, 2/2 bells.

Description : Hope this loop works out for you guys!

Description : Idek what to do with this loop! Just be creative with it.

Description : Another Rnb Loop for yall and I hope usable!

Description : Same as the loop before just without gross beat 1/2 Speed.

Description : Another loop for the books!

Description : Hope this works! Sorry made mistake of they key! It is actually Eb Major

Description : Hope this works out for you guys! (F Minor)

Description : This loop is for another day, I am so tired idk what to do with this loop lol.

Description : Please enjoy! Comment anywork! Also looking for a collab for my beats if anyone is interested lmk looking for a rapper/singer/.

Loops 1 - 25 of 41
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