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Description : Standard Piano Halftime
Chords: D5 - D5 - D#5 - D#&G

Description : Piano with a lil reverb
Fm harmonic

Description : Dark piano with reverb
(Not Fm but F harmonic minor)

Description : This almost let my pc Crash aha
Ambient loop with pads

Description : Bells And Bells And Gross beat

Description : Piano with loop effects

Description : Bells in F# minor harmonic scale

Description : RIP To Juice WRLD

Omnisphere loop

Description : Gross beat and bells with lead

Description : BELLS AND BELLS
97 BPM
Free For Any Kind Of Usage

Description : Guitar Loop
Feel free to use and share your beats.

Description : Piano loop
140 bpm
B minor scale

Description : Flute loop

Send me a message for collabs.

Description : Omnisphere Loop
If you want the midi PLZ mail me

Description : Chopped up loop that i made with omnisphere

Description : Melody From Sik World - Liar

Description : Flute: orchestral
BPM: 150
Scale: C minor with the A# switched to B

Description : Piano with Piano choir chords.

Description : Orchestral

Description : This is a loop that i have recreated from a post in his instagram

Description : Very open. A lot of room to put countermelodies.
Acoustic guitar x sylenth1

Description : Fully made with Nexus. Half speeded on 75 percent with gross beat.

Description : Made with nexus and other plugins. Used gross beat effect on the violin.

Loops 1 - 23 of 23