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Description : a drone loop based on a Morphine pad in FL Studio. Derived some beats by converting the drone wave to midi. Look for 7 beats to a bar at 104 bpm

Description : a variety of toms in FL Studio in an odd-meter of 5 beats per bar.

Description : just developing different ambient sections for a track called Los Visitantes. Using FL Studio synths

Description : the ambient background for finale of Los Visitantes track. Uses samples from FL Studio synth

Description : C#-G#-A#-F-D# sustained in a FL Studio synth sample

Description : ambience for a track to resonate with the Los Visitantes series of paintings by artist Susana Boettner

Description : messing with audio samples to create ambience for mysterious visitors painting

Description : gmin and cmin using a chorus patch and some FL Studio love filter.

Description : just messing with spacepad preset in fruityDX10. use a whole tone scale. also use drummax

Description : Gmaj to Dmajor arpeggiated using ogun synth in FL studio

Description : the way an insect might hear her world

Description : using some square wave patches from DMS synth in FL studio, just a bobbing along sort of feel with bass and synth

Description : experimenting with some detuning of a trombone sound off an old Boss synth. the perc sounds are FL Studio pings and plunks, etc. just a bit of weird fun. you could understand this a 3 beat to the bar at 65 BPM or a six beat to the bar at 130 BPM

Description : wrote a percussion groove and turned it into a melody. used the minisynth in FL Studio. uses 4 detuned notes on f#, g#, d#

Description : created in FL Studio out to BOSS DS-330. This is an old ass soundbox for sure. but fun to mess with. there are a non-standard number of beats in this loop so you kind of need to get a feel for it.

Description : learning layers in FPC drums. this is a 6-beat thing at 130bpm. forgive if the category/genre are way off.

Description : these are soundfont player choir fonts in a simple 3-part arrangement

Description : using the scratcher in FL Studio and learning FPC drum pad. just some experimenting around

Description : a 12/8 feel, with the two perc grooves offset by 1/16; I don't get it either don't worry

Description : just a little bit of melody that might sub in for the bells loop now and then in this neat, spooky little track by DYPMACK:

Description : possible slow groove for a picture of a freaked out cat. this groove would be his slow and chilled mood before the episode

Description : 3/8 3/8 5/8 5/8 7/8
using toxic biohazard in fl studio

Description : trying to develop a segue to second section of a track called 'machine dance' by nav25. use a harmor synth, boo bass, some creative noise

Description : just trying a few melodic ideas for my new friend nav's nascient track

Description : this one still needs some balancing, but is the groove for a section of circle of light track. features a kalimba sound I found digging deep into FL Studio sound library.

Loops 1 - 25 of 113