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Description : Welcome Stranger

Description : Ohhhhhhhhkaaaaaaay I don't know what to do with this shxt (like.. as always)

Description : Lil'pad or piano (idrk) from Dune2 c: nice Sunday everyone

Description : OhhOhhhOhhhh that sounds niceeeeeuh

Description : Drums, fx, percs, some stuff you know

Description : just a lil pad from Electrax with some flangus

Description : That's degueulaaasse

Description : Made in Flex vst (celeste sound)

Description : mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Description : Wtf I am doing with my life

Description : Hive sounds are liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
(haltime on it (1/4 - x2) and that's all)

Description : OkéééééLetsGoooooo

Description : Classic Synth from Analog, ganggangg

Description : Anooooooother one that I don't remember yesterday (yeeeeeeeees)
also follow me for more strengh

Description : A preset from Omni that I don't remember ;-; but voilàààà

Description : Just some bells from Omni

Description : Some Guitarz shxt

Description : Simple chords made in Sylenth


Description : Alloooo

Description : SEQ from Sylenth, without effect on it if you want to play with the Haltime on it, in 1/16/4x you can do some reaaaaally good shxt

Description : Some chill chords

Description : Lil' Arp made in Sylenth, I hope it can be useful for something lol

Description : same as bedore but different chords
G4, B4, D5, F#5 etc..
des bisous les loulous

Description : keyz made in Serum
B4, D#5, F#5 etc
hope it can be useful or not
Pitched down sounds cool too

Loops 1 - 25 of 145
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