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Description : good for car mixes also can be used in techno

Description : feel free to post you creations with this,btw i made it from scratch

Description : if you want send me link what you made,i would love to hear it

Description : flow with me,ima ride you back,one girl maybe wanna eat my snack,heck

Description : idk what to say not felling cringy things in desc
yea,also link if you make something with this

Description : u can use it 4 drake type stuff,dancing chopin buff
(stand up!)

Description : kinda cringy,but inside of gingy (ginger)
(wtf creepy),also cringey,let's get to my desk nae nae

Description : idk why i make clickbaits on looperman,like wtf
i don't got the sauce cuz of morse (ok)

Description : Heavy Brass for every genre

Description : Please link what you made

Description : raw sauce,no money from boss,going on vacation cuz of corona maws *wtf stand upppp*

Description : title doesn't say it,yu da know da drill
KU Nork Yew

Description : Catchy,Emotional,?BigTotaval?

Description : im back,so pokemon getting on the track (wtf)

Description : GAVINA PERMS

Description : I made this drum without hearing anything,try it yourself

Description : it' like an a dna and fiting (?)

Description : ynoimsayi

Description : drop whhat youu maade

Description : donate trees or ksi would start musking for paulorazing effect that make him mr. plus add bean on beasts eloneo

Description : post link what you do i always check

Description : Really Trapy

Description : plz send link if you made something

Description : nice and nice

Description : Trap good

Loops 1 - 25 of 58