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Description : BazilleCM Vst
Description : Korg M1 Fl Studio 20
Description : Old School Cypher style... Short but good to loop and drop a freestyle on...
Description : Dark Pad from Xpand vst... Enjoy
Description : Don't Sleep... Todays Sleeper Freebie.. Helm. Trap Synth using CM Bells preset with tweaked parameters routed to a free Transient Processor Transient. Equalized using API 550B
Description : Alicia Keys
Description : Korg M1 Fl 20
Description : Do As Title Says You Robot
Xpand 2/Camel Crusher/PanoMatic/ Gross Beat
Description : Dexed Vst Low Budget Dance Piano
Description : Aparillo + Sytrus Vst Fl Studio 20
Description : Iris 2
Description : Aparillo vst Same Midi as 'Wake Up Hustle'
Description : Stranded at sea.... Cinematic
Description : Wake Up Hustle, Wake Up Hustle, Get That Money... Trap Synth...
Description : A nice pad with some great modulation....Trap/Hip-Hop/Cinematic
Description : Testing Out Patch Making Abilities...Edit: Added Camel Crush to bring out low end more and add slight distorton.
Description : New Synths New Loops.... Enjoy. Passed Synth thru a Phaser... then a Convoluted Reverb, Pancake 2, and a Limiter. Stranger Things Vibe
Description : Good for bg music to an investigation/action scene in a movie. Or a suspense. Have fun with the effects to bring out great results!
Description : Same Midi as before different patch with some mods... A new synth can be.. game changing ;)
Description : A New Synth can be inspiring.... or game changing...
Description : Got a new Vst Synthmaster One... OLAD That Inspiring Bass
Description : There's some Stranger Things among us in this world... Loop Follows OLAD Rules. Will not be modified. Loop from a project! Share that heat
Description : Kontakt Choir...Simple. Good for intro or background
Description : I owe you guys some OLAD's due to intensive weekend work schedules I'll have to double/triple up some Mondays/Tuesdays .. Loop 3 When you don't like where a projects going and decide to scrap it... Well it means free loops for you guys!
Description : Working on a collab with JoeFunktastic Here's the drum loop... Share your creations
Loops 1 - 25 of 319
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