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Description : Travis Scott dark piano melody

Description : If you want midis, exclusive loops or something different dm me prettyhandsomemofukka

Description : if you want the full loop or something else(midi, loops,...) dm me: prettyhandsomemofukka

Description : If you have questions or if you want something (midis, exklusive loops,...), dm me my IG is in my profile description

Description : for Midis, Sounds, Collabs... Dm me, my IG name is on my Profile

Description : Travis scott x Huncho jack x Migos Type Piano 82

Description : Made with sculpture on Logic Pro X. Old Travis vibes. I would like to hear what you made of it

Description : Made with Logic Pro X. If you want the MIDI-file let me know. Let me hear what you made of this loop.

Description : I would like to hear what you made of it. dm if you want the midi or other sounds... IG in the profile description

Loops 1 - 9 of 9